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Show people your creativity from home!

Our annual Peeps diorama contest on March 21 was cancelled due to COVID-19.  Fortunately, cell phones can do magic these days! Our first annual Peeps Diorama Contest will be a VIRTUAL contest this year. Families and individuals can work together on creating their diorama and submit it from home. Show off your wit and creativity!

Who can enter?


All ages—adults, teens, tweens, and children

What’s the theme?


Your display can have any theme.  Entries must be “family-friendly” (suitable for all audiences). The Schauer Center reserves the right to disqualify any entry due to questionable content.

What are the rules?


• Diorama parts should all fit inside a space 15” x 12” x 12” or smaller. 

• Construction/Scene must be contained within the box space.

• Final Pieces must have a floor and 3–4 walls. Ceiling is optional.

• All characters in your scene should be made using Peeps®

• One entry per person or team

How do I enter?


• Email your photos to 

• Remember to give your diorama a title. 

• Tell us your name. If submitting as a team, include all team members’ names.

When is the deadline?


Email your photos by Sunday, April 5 at 4:00 PM.

Will there still be voting?


Yes! A photo album of all entries will be posted on Facebook on Monday, April 6. The photo that receives the most “likes” by 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 9 will be this year’s winner.

How will winners be announced?

The winner will be posted on social media on Friday, April 10 and will receive a “PEEPS” Goody Bag filled with some unique “PEEPS” gifts and a pair of tickets to a 20–21 performance of your choice once our office reopens!



JUST FOR FUN: Ever wonder how peeps are made?  At this website you can take a virtual tour through text and photographs of how this traditional Easter basket candy confection is manufactured.

PEEPS EDUCATION FOR FUN: Now for those of you who wonder how Peeps can be educational, what follows is ClickSchooling's Original Peeps' Curriculum for your enjoyment. These links take you to the original ClickSchooling reviews with links to the curriculum content. A couple of the links within the reviews are no longer working. (Bummer!) However, the slight disappointment of clicking on a rotten link, will soon be forgotten when you click on all of the good ones!

ClickSchooling's Original Peeps' Curriculum:

Peeps Math:  Includes Peeps-themed math lessons for grades K-8 and a recipe for making your own home-made version of Peeps.

Peeps Science: These websites document science experiments conducted on Peeps — some of which may inspire your own Peeps experimentations. The studies focused on basic attributes and reactions of Peeps to simple conditions and stimuli. You'll also find a link to a "Peeps in Outer Space" online computer game.

Peeps Language Arts: Watch a terrific retelling of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings in a photo-illustration using Peeps as the characters. Then enjoy some Peeps' Haiku poetry.

Peeps Social Sciences: The first link in this archived review doesn't work. But you won't want to miss the other two links where you can see the amazing and funny results when you tell your co-workers that you hate Peeps. You can also test your knowledge of the history of Peeps by taking an online quiz.

Peeps Art: Learn to draw a Marshmallow Peep and get instructions for making an incredible, edible Peeps necklace!