Study Guides

Our free, comprehensive study guides help you and your students get more out of each performance. 

2018-19 Schooltime Matinee Study Guides

MatheMagic (pdf)
50 States in 60 Minutes (pdf)
A Christmas Carol (coming soon!)
Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr.  (coming soon!)
Tubman: Road to Freedom (coming soon!)
Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (pdf)
Fun-Believable Science Show (pdf)
Laura Ingalls Wilder (pdf) 
Junie B. Jones (pdf)
Stuart Little (pdf)
My Heart in a Suitcase (pdf)


"We love the programs offered at the Schauer Arts Center. They are well planned and give our students an opportunity to practice theater etiquette in a meaningful way. Plus, they learn something they can apply in the classroom." - Schauer Schooltime Matinee Educator