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To provide experienced and knowledgeable instructors who love to teach
To help students develop a strong technical foundation and grow as artists
To ensure a nurturing and supportive environment for students

Dance Studios

Schauer School of the Arts dance classes are held at two locations:

SCHAUER MAIN BUILDING : 147 N. Rural Street, Hartford   map
CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS :  30 S. Johnson Street, Hartford    map

All Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy classes are held at the Creative Arts Studios


Student Placement 
Instructors reserve the right to place students in the appropriate class(es).  Placement auditions will take place in August to evaluate students abilities and to help instructors tailor their lesson plans. 

Closed Classes 
Please respect that all classes are closed to parents, family, and friends.   Classes held in Studio A at the Creative Arts Studios may be observed at any time through the observation window.  Classes will rotate and an observation schedule will be distributed on the first day of class and will be posted on the bulletin board.  For student’s safety, please do not take photos or videotape classes. There is not an observation area for classes held in the Schauer Center's dance studio.

Students receive a written evaluation at the end of every Fall and Winter/Spring Session. Evaluations include feedback on skill development, classroom demeanor, and readiness for the next level. Winter/Spring evaluations will include a recommendation of what class to enroll in for the upcoming fall session. Please note that factors such as participation in summer classes, extended time away, injury, or the habit of changing dance styles on a regular basis may affect or change the instructor’s recommendation.
Some instructors may choose to share evaluations and formal feedback more often than twice a year. In addition, parents are more than welcome to request feedback regarding their child(ren) at any time. 

Commitment, Participation & Attendance
Students are expected to attend all classes and rehearsals.  Excessive absences hinder the individual student and the rest of the class.  Students are expected to be in class, unless we are notified by a parent through the online absence report form.  If a student is injured, it is best to sit and observe a class, but please notify the instructor when you arrive.  Contagious students please stay home and rest; the instructor will update parents on what occurred during class.

Dress Code

As a matter of etiquette, and to demonstrate respect for the art of dance, we ask students to please wear shirt and pants (or a skirt) over their leotard and tights when arriving and departing the studio. Arrive ready for class or you may dress in the bathroom/locker rooms.  Lockers are available at the Creative Art Studios to store your clothes during class.  Locks are not provided. Please do not wear jewelry to class.  It may injure the dancer, instructor, or fellow classmates.  If your student just got their ears pierced, please let the instructor know.

View Dress Code by Class (pdf)   |   How to Sew Your Shoes (pdf)

Beginning Fall 2018: All Ballet students must follow Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy dress code policies. 

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy Class Attire 

Hair Requirements
All students’ hair must be pulled back and secured away from their face and neck, preferably in a ponytail or bun. All students in Ballet 1 and above must wear their hair in a bun.  If your child is unsure of how to put their hair in a bun, please speak with instructor. 

Dance Apparel and Fittings
The Schauer School of Dance offers attire/shoes through its distributor REVOLUTION Dance. Please note that attire and shoes are used in our showcase and performance events as costume pieces, so it is important to use our distributor in order to maintain a cohesive look. All fittings are by appointment only.  Please call 262-670-0560, ext. 6 to schedule your appointment.  Group orders take place at the beginning of each semester and prior to the May showcase.  Orders placed outside of the group order time-frame, may be subject to an additional fee for shipping and handling fees. 

View Size Chart (pdf)   |     Apparel Order Form (pdf) 

Used Dance Shoe Donations
We accept donations of gently used shoes which are then re-sold to families for a reduced price.  Proceeds benefit the Schauer School of Arts financial assistance program – Education & Inspiration Fund.  All families who donate will receive a letter recognizing their donation for tax purposes.  Apparel must be clearly marked with size to be accepted.  Please call 262-670-0560, ext. 6 if you are interested in purchasing or donating used apparel. 

Session Dates

Fall Session Begins September 16!

Fall 2019 Classes

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