Who Brought the Humbug?




Friday, December 22


neil e. park family foundation family series

The show takes place at an ugly sweater party, where all the guests are joyful singers, incredible tap dancers, and high-energy musicians! The interactive fun takes off on a jolly sleigh ride of swingin’ holiday mash-ups.

The party gets extra exciting when Santa Claus starts rapping to Rudolph over horn-band funk while Frosty the Snowman tap dances a groove beat, and all of the other reindeer hit powerhouse hip-hop choreography -- a magical combination you have to see to believe!

Just when it can’t get any more fantastic, the party comes to a hilarious halt when two singers-turned-investigators steal the show with a beatboxing version of “The Grinch!”

This is when the plot takes a turn, as the two-man investigative team reveals that someone at the party BROUGHT A “HUMBUG!”

The party winds its way through the 1990s in “The Ghost of Parties Past,” followed by a can’t-miss game of musical chairs titled “Chairol of the Bells.” There’s even an interactive audience dance-off that brings some unlikely guests to the stage!

Ultimately, the partygoers, the investigators, the audience members, and even the HUMBUG are all united in an electric, high-energy closer called “The Holiday Funk.”

The show is an all-age, all-inclusive, family-friendly, fun, funky, feel-good celebration of the holiday season!

Come early 5:30-6:30 pm for free kid's activities upstairs before the evening show. Enjoy a craft project, hot chocolate, and a music activity.


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Adult $32
Student $16

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