Friday, September 15


Choreography, Vocals & Stage Presence


From New York City, the epicenter of contemporary Pop and Soul, Uptown is a group of men who combine the smooth stylings of R&B with the fresh hits of today. The perfect mix of Bruno Mars caliber stage presence with the vocals of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. You’ve never seen anything like Uptown!

Each member of the collective is a soloist, bringing a unique flavor of performance that will have any crowd on their feet dancing and singing along. Regardless of the genre or era of music, The Uptown Show exudes freshness and fun in a way that everyone will enjoy.

Choreography, Vocals and Stage Presence…You do not want to miss out on Uptown.


Show Sponsor: Grand Avenue Dental Care
Media Sponsor: Conley Media

Tier 1 $34
Tier 2 $32
Tier 3 $29
Obstructed $25


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