Barron Ryan




Friday, February 3


Classic Meets Cool


Growing up in a home filled with the sounds of artists ranging from Chopin to Michael Jackson, Barron Ryan is not content to draw upon just one influence. He combines them all in a wonderful musical adventure that’s vintage yet fresh, historical yet hip, classic yet cool.
After winning the Oklahoma Israel Exchange Young Artist competition in 2011, he found his artistic voice on the Israel concert tour. In his debut album, Classical with Attitude, he explores the exuberance of jazz and ragtime. On his latest album, The Masters’ Apprentice, he pays homage to the piano greats who inspired him.

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Tier 1 $31
Tier 2 $29
Tier 3 $26
Obstructed $22


Barron Ryan Classic Meets Cool, Explained from The Plaza Arts Center on Vimeo.

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