Friday, March 11


The Original Violin & Ukulele Brazilian Twins

Forte Bank Mainstage Series

B2WINS: Pronounced B-Twins. This dynamic and uplifting troupe continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its unique renditions of iconic crowd favorites and an engaging, uplifting live show that targets the masses. Led by charismatic Twin brothers from Brazil, they combine a plethora of genres into a feel good performance that is equal parts rock concert, dance party, jam session and vacation for your soul. They will also share their story of utilizing music and a positive attitude to escape the slums of Brazil and pursue their dreams around the world with local students during the day.

Growing up in the violent, impoverished slums of Rio De Janeiro, the Twins began playing classical music on violins their father handmade. They used music as an escape from their reality and began teaching others in their neighborhood to do the same. After being featured on National Public Radio, the Twins were invited to the U.S. on full ride music scholarships in 2008.

After performing over 1,000 shows around the world the past decade, the Twins continue to cultivate a loyal fan base wherever they perform. From hip-hop heads to jazz aficionados, rockers to reggae fans, all find common ground at a B2WINS show. The Twins are on a mission to make the world smile through music, one show at a time.

Ticket Prices:
Tier 1 -- $34.00
Tier 2 -- $32.00
Tier 3 -- $29.00
Obstructed -- $25.00

Media Sponsors: WBEV 1430 AM and 95X FM

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